After reading the pleathora of horrible reviews i was a little skepticle about the starus of my order after they had already credited my debit account for the cost of the tires. I had to order specialty sizes for my 2013 mazda 3 with mazda 3speed 18" rims that none of the tire shops wothin my area stocked.

The sizes were 225/40r18 and discount had them at an incredible price. Shipping was accurate and fast via fedex and came with tracking number and the product i recieved was the peoduct i purchases on their site.

Most negative reviews had a combo order of tires and wheels but i tested the service by purchasing one set and got what i wanted. Will definitely be ordering mt back set and using this tire service for the foreseable future.

Location: Pasadena, Texas

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Why worry about the spelling...be concerned that this company is a fly by night. Did I spell everything correctly?


Wow! you can’t spell at all can you?


Plethora, dummy. If you’re going to use a big word, spell it correctly

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