They don't have negative stars for the review otherwise that's what they would get. I should have checked reviews before attempting to buy through them. I placed order on 4/18/18, to this day no contact, no responses and no follow-ups.

4/18/18 I ordered and email received said,they had what I wanted in stock, I get a call minutes later about the purchase and told by Sean [800-901-6003 x210; don't bother calling cause he will not answer or call back] that they did not have them in stock and provided a similar wheel package, I accepted.

I received a second email that the items I ordered were in stock and thanking me for my business and that I should receive an email 1-3 days once shipped.

4/22/18 I called back and got voicemail, after my 7th attempted call I finally got a hold of someone, Daniel, who now states they had to wait on a additional wheel cause it was not in stock, so now that means the similar product wasn't even in stock as told by Sean. Now all that was lacking is mount and balance which was gonna be done that day and shipped out....

5/1/18 I called and again after numerous attempts I get Sean to answer and he places me on hold, which lasted 18 minutes before a female answers. I explain the frustration I was having and wanted to cancel my order, she says that the manufacturer sent them the wrong tires and that they should have the ones I wanted in that day and would ship them out that after noon. Her number [800-901-6003 x714]...(see where I am going with this, excuse after excuse)

ALL THIS TIME, they never had any of the wheel or tires in stock, its a scam, they take your order and money, then go out buy what they feel like and make excuse after excuse....

5/2/18 I've been calling and calling and get no answer from the extensions I was given, left voicemails but based on a lot of reviews I have read I doubt I will get a call back.


Product or Service Mentioned: Discounted Wheel Warehouse Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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