Discounted Wheel Warehouse WILL Rip You Off!

I tried to purchase 5 Michelins for my truck 2 weeks ago-took them 5 days and several calls to even get them to process debit card!

After them never returning calls as promised I called back to cancel the order and make sure the card was not charged-the sales manager did all these apologies-told me my card was already charged and PROMISED PERSONALLY that my tires would ship the following Monday...fast forward now to Friday -no tires so i cal for a tracking number and they say the tires will ship today?

I reached the sales manmager "Martin" who siad to give him a moment and he would check-then he put me on hold for at least 20 minutes until I hung up.

I called back "customer service" to tell them not to ship the tires-I did not want to do business with them- and that I wanted the funds returned to my card.

The lady tells me my card has never been charged! Online banking shows it WAS CHARGED 7 days ago!

Long story short-now she says its been charged and tires already shipped- told her to cancel the *** order I was not doing business with this bunch of liars- now she says the money will be returned to my card today....well Im not a fool...I have called my bank and started a charge back on these ***

Just do yourself a favor and avoid this Discounted Tire place-avoid customer service rep and liar "Micah" and avoid her lying sales manager "Martin"

Getting a low price is not a deal when they don't send you the $1533.15 in tires you paid for!

Monetary Loss: $1533.

Location: Erick, Oklahoma

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