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This is easily one of the most buying experiences I have ever had. First off if you buy using affirm, they will in no way work with you or change anything to do with your shipping.

I put in an address for it to be shipped to and because of their policies, they sent it to the address I have on affirm. They told me if I wanted it changed I had to call affirm and affirm said two different times that this company is full of *** basically. I ended up being able to reroute with fedex at my own cost. Next they sent me three tracking numbers.

Two tracking numbers showed 45 lbs and the other showed 2 lbs (I ordered 4 rims) so naturally I called (for a ninth time so far) I got a guy named Danny who answered the phone, and I asked him why the packages were so light and if they were only sending two rims. He assured me, after on the same phone call saying all four would be shipped individually, that they were double stacked. So it took me over two weeks to get them (rerouting only took two days) and just as I suspected there were only two damn rims. Why would you only send two at one time?

And if I called and asked you why would you lie to me about it? So I finally got a hold of him after being hung on on the hold music twice and he went on about how sorry he was and that they have been sitting in their warehouse the whole time. I wanted part of my money back and they can keep the two they didn’t send me but they said affirm wouldn’t allow it. I called affirm and they once again said how everything they are telling me is a lie.

Next Danny says that his supervisor would send my wheels to where I actually need them in Colorado if I updated my address with affirm (so I called them for the 20th time). He said he would do all he could to help me because my buying experience so far... so finally since I could not get my money back, I agreed to having them sent to me since it would be coming to Colorado. So when I tell him that’s fine he turns around and said actually my supervisor said they have to go to Pennslyvania (my affirm address).

So I told them like I did the first time I called (3 times) that I am 24 hours away from there and have no one to get them to me. Did they care? Not even in the littlest bit. So even though they wouldn’t help me the first time with shipping and even though they sent me only two rims after I even called to make sure that issue wouldn’t happen, they are sending them to Pennslyvania.

I paid 89 dollars for shipping and then 50 for rerouting. You pay them to ship and they won’t budge at all to help you on shipping. They won’t help you in anyway.. Overall Ordering process is long and drawn out.

Danny doesn’t know how to do his job or just doesn’t care not sure. It took over two weeks to get two rims instead of four. Once they have your money you don’t matter. They send your lug nuts separately (seriously?!) I spent 3+ hours dealing with them.

Their policies with affirm don’t align with affirm. I would never in my life recommend buying anything from them EVER.

Product or Service Mentioned: Discounted Wheel Warehouse Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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