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I ordered some tires over two weeks ago. I’ve received up to a dozen emails from some automated email system they have running; none containing any real information about my order.

They are the same email sent over and over again telling me that they have pulled my items and are ready to ship out....Problem is, it’s been in this stage of limbo for close to 10 days. When I called today to get to the bottom of it, I was told they needed an additional $100.00 (even) to cover the shipping costs so they hadn’t been sent out yet...However, no one ever called or emailed me to inform me of the upcharge or that the order was at a stand still. I just kept getting the same stupid uninformative impersonal generic boilerplate email....Worst costumer service on the planet. No communication between company and customer and seemingly very little communication within the company...They never had any problems taking my money though, they were always very prompt with taking funds out of my bank.

I’ve requested a full refund.

We’ll see if it comes. If it does, I may have avoided a more expensive headache...If it doesn’t, I’ll be out $860.00....Discount Wheels Warehouse gets a zero out of ten across the board...This Company is clearly not fit to be doing business, especially online sales...Take your money elsewhere, DWW will only let you down

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