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I ordered a complete wheel and tires set from this company. Unfortunately, one of the wheel is defective and ive been to four tire professional that all said the wheel is bent.

Ive tried calling and emails for the last 4 weeks and no one answers the phone.

I've spent almost 3k on this package and I'm lost m l ney dealing with this company. I am prepared to get a lawyer for this unresponsive company to get my refund back

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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As soon as they know they are in the wrong they will block your number, use a blocked number yourself to call and magically it went through. I had to send Paypal after them, brutal.

They lie, do not answer emails, you will wait on hold for over an hour. Not worth the $400 cheaper than their competition, spend more if you value your time.

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