I live in the Toronto area where the NBA Raptors play. I ordered a set of wheels for my 5 Series Bimmer and was told they would be here within 1 week.

Starting tommorrow it'll be 3 weeks and counting. I spoke to some guy there who says the rear set they ordered in were the wrong size.......ya right by the sounds of it they forgot to order my wheels entirely. Further more I've asked the sale person for a tracking number for my purchase and for what ever reason they keep stalling.Hope they get here in one pieace parts and all.

I'll let you know either way.

Location: Sarnia, Ontario

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That sucks that you had a bad experience cause i have been ordering from these guys for years. I have done some crazy fitments through them and they know their stuff. I have ordered 7 wheel and tire packages through them now!

Hope you guys get it squared away


I purchased my first set of wheels from them years ago and they were great. I went in last week and what a difference attitude and unwillingness to help a consumer.

I will be buying my next set of wheels from someone else.

I feel sorry for you guys who havent recieved your wheels. They certainly dont care and thats the truth....


ive been waiting for 2 months for my rims. they are on some fraud ***.

ive filed a complaint with my states atty. for internet fraud.


so what happened? go file an injunction with your bank to have the funds canceled or returned to you if needed

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