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Hello there. I wanted to wait until I received my replacement wheels and made sure they fit before I wrote this.

I'm sure you'll understand. On march 25th, I paid almost $1,500 for a set of Strada Moda wheels, and tires package through Troy. (order #90543) Two days later, they were shipped. I was stoked at how fast it was.

Your company was 100% in my book. I received the wheels a week later and they sent me Strada MOTO wheels, (wrong wheels). Ok, mistakes happen, weather was still kind of chilly, so I wasn't putting them on that day, but your company dropped down to about 75%. I called your company and it took me a day and a half to get through to somebody.

I spoke with a girl with a Spanish accent who was horribly rude and acted as if I was inconveniencing her. Hmm, weird. Company dropped a bit, but not much. I was told that I had to take a picture and text the picture to a number and would get a reply within 24-48 hours.

Seriously? 3 days go by and I hear nothing. At this point, I called back. Was on hold for 57 minutes and then hung up on.

I called two more times and finally got through to a guy named Mike Leggett. Mike, in my opinion, is too great of a guy to be working with such a company who really has no interest in customers once they get the money. Mike puts me on hold for about 15 minutes and comes back and says they received the pictures. He says I now have to wait for shipping labels to be mailed to my house!?

That's a stupid counter-productive idea that may take 3 days so I ask if he could just e-mail them and I would print them myself. He says yes. He then said the lady in the office would do that right away. I didn't get the labels until 24 hours later.

Oh, and Danny.....he talks a good talk, but he is the most unreliable customer service manager I have ever dealt with. He would say he's right on top of it 4 times and to call him back. He never answered, returned calls or anything. Mike was THE ONLY person there who stood up to his word.

So, after getting the labels and having to drive these wheels to the FedEx depot myself, I call Mike back. Again, took about 20 mins to reach somebody so they could transfer me to him. I told Mike the wheels were sent. I had a receipt with tracking number and all and ask if we can go ahead and re-ship the wheels I was SUPPOSED to get 2 weeks ago in the first place.

He says no, I have to wait until the wrong wheels get back before he can send out the right ones. Really!?!? At this point, your company is down to about 45%. I say OK, well, can you make sure you have the right wheel to send when you do get the wrong ones.

Turns out, while you guys were making ME jump through hoops for YOUR mistake, your company sold the last set that I originally wanted. Of course!! For some weird reason though, I was not surprised. I asked to talk to Danny.

Danny says that the company has a sister company stationed in PA and he would see if they could drop ship the wheels because I had a car show approaching that I attend every year. Not only attend, but participate in. I just bought my new truck and really wanted to show it off with some new wheels. Well, Danny, as planned, DID NOT come through and I DID NOT make it this year to the car show.

Thanks for that. OK, so, Danny didn't answer, call back, reply, e-mail....nothing. So I wait and wait until you guys received the wrong wheels. I was watching that tracking like a hawk!

The day you received them, I called Mike. He says the wheels have to be inspected and that Danny had texted the girl who does it to have her put a rush on it. Danny lied (again) But man he is a smooth talker, a true salesman! a day and half later, I call for about the 30th time and mike says we are ready to go ahead with the replacement order (Order #91143).

We had to choose a new rim because, you guys sold my originals. At this point, your company is at 0% in my book and I was asked by so many people, why didn't I just ask for my money back. It's because I read some of the reviews on your company. O...M...G!

Have you seen these reviews!? If i saw them before I first ordered, I would have NEVER went through your company! There is actually a guy looking to do a class action lawsuit! Did you know that?

Anyways, after seeing the 200 horrible reviews, I was scared that I wouldn't have even gotten the refund and been left without any wheels or my money. There was a guy who that happened to while reading the reviews. Seriously, you should take some time and Google Discountedwheelwwarehouse Reviews. Ok, where was I?

Oh yeah, we ordered the new wheels. Now, mind you Danny, Once again there's that Danny name, PROMISED and PROMISED that when you received the wrong wheels, I would be put to the top of the list of prepping and drilling and mounting of the new ones so I could get my wheels faster because of the crap I've been going through. Did that happen? Nope!

With the weekend, I had to wait an additional 5 days before they were shipped. LOL, that Danny, lied again! Danny should be re-assigned to be the janitor of your wonderful establishment. And if this is Danny reading this, I don't imagine in my wildest dreams you would even respond let alone try to make it right.

I'm not looking for any hand-outs though, just know, I want my voice heard by many. You could have a LEAST upgraded my tires bahahahahahaha. So I originally ordered my wheels March 25th, and I finally received the replacements (which weren't the ones I originally wanted) on May 2. I'm part of a big car scene here in NY, and I will never recommend your company to anybody.

I'm being nice by not even mentioning to people what you put your customers through. I've already sent 2 family members to a different company. Wish I could have made Mr. Leggett a couple more sales.

He is truly a gem shining in a dark company. So, that's about it.

Thanks for a horrible buying experience Discounted Wheel Warehouse.....NOT! Mike Leggett, you're the man!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse Cons: Anything about them except mike leggett.

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They are the biggest scammers I ever met when it comes to wheels, that whole place should be locked up for fraud. I wish I lived closer to kick the *^#* out of them!!!!!!!


Dealt with Danny, Tryphena, Sarah, basically all of customer service. At least you received wheels.

I ordered on the 26th of February after confirming they were in stock on the phone. By second week of April they still hadn't been drilled. Repeatedly promised they were coming and continually stressed I needed them asap (including when I ordered) as I was running on winter tires. After hours and hours on the phone, false promises, no callbacks, no return emails I finally had enough and sent Paypal after them.

Ordered from a local competitor to theirs and received my wheels shipped from Cali to the northeast in 7 days....That included custom drilling, custom offset and hub size. With wheels, tires and tpms mounted.Don't shop here....

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