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I wouldn't tell my worst enemy to shop there. 7 days no tracking number.

WTF! Andy at ext. 206 is completely worthless. Don't ever ever ever buy from these mo's.

I'm gonna go on a vaca to cali just too rock Andy's jaw for everybody. Chin Check!!

I was supposed to be sittin on chrome this week but those bums havent done anything but take my money. There has to be a way to keep this from happening. From now on i will do my research.

Don't do it, no matter what price they give you.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Location: Rochester, New York

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hello all, i was looking at ordering rims from these guys, thank god i didnt! this Mahmoud guy sound like he worls for them too


I order tires and I was told that they would be arriving on wednesday but I got a call on tuesday saying that the tires were ready for me to pick up. I haven't had a bad experience so far and I will continue doing business with this company.

I feel bad all of you claiming to have had a negative experience! But if i do come across a bad experience I will write a post.


Hey guy i was thinking to buy wheel but thanks for the coments im not going to do with company like that .....


i w8ed 4 ten week for my rims to come in and they sent me the wrong rims

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