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i purchased 4 new performance tires from this company and had them installed. after less than 20 miles one of the tires inside side walls blew out. i could put my thumb thru the hole easily. I had not hit anything in the road and had driven on only smooth paved surfaces ( not hard to do in 20 miles).

i called Discounted Wheel Warehouse and was pretty much dismissed. the girls i talked to said it was not their problem and that i should have a nice day. i asked to talk to the manager and after about 10 minutes on hold got the same CS girl posing as the manager but on speaker phone.

i think if this company is going to sell junk tires and not stand behind them they should stop taking peoples hard earned money. This company is seriously the worst i have dealt with in my 58 years.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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I had the worst experience with them. The same girl also posed as the manager...changing her name from Breanne to Sara to Jennifer...they sold me wheels that didn't fit my car and then refused to refund me.

Mics, the sales rep lied to me so many times as well. I would never do business with a bunch of liars and thieves.

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