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So I purchased a wheel and tire package from Discount Wheel Warehouse some nice 20 inch Asanti's for my Lexus. Spoke to the sales associates name Micah who convinced me that the tires he was going to send me Nankung GT20 Sports would be just fine because they come with a 40,000 mile warranty and I commute to work.

Seems reasonable right? Will first two tires made my car ride like *** and I had to replace one tire within a week and you know you just can't buy one off tire so that was two tires off the bat. I called immediately to see what they would do to resolve the issue and ensure quality service I was instructed by a young lady named Tristan that I needed to file through the manufacturer after being told to send a text message with a picture of the flat tire titled attention manager to a phone number which I I did immediately. I emailed the manufacturer attempted to call but that's not an option and have yet to get a follow-up by the company.

Here Comes Today February 2nd 2018 I walk in my garage to find another flat tire. No I guess I should have started with I did not receive these wheels or tires till the 15th.

They came mounted and balanced and we're supposed to have pressure sensors I'll tell you what my Lexus isn't picking up any pressure sensors and now I will have to buy a total of four new tires and less than a month of purchasing them and I have not heard from these people!!!! Somebody please help Better Business Bureau or something this is absurd!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Asanti Wheel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Discount wheel warehouse people are a *** joke.See my review on them. I'm glad I cancelled my order from those piece of *** company.They should be ban by the BBB.

@Dylann Och

I did indeed contact Better Business Bureau but have yet to receive any follow-up information. They told me they would contact me in 2 weeks to see if the issue is resolved.

As I'm sure you're already aware the issue has not scene in a resolution and I haven't heard from Discount Wheel Warehouse it pains me to even type their name. I will contact the Better Business Bureau again tomorrow and refer them two more reviews such as yours provided by the site.

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